A Proven Step By Step Formula To Discover & Monetize Your Life's Big Mission And Purpose

And Deploy A Profitable Highly Leveraged Social Business That Makes An Impact, Makes Big Money, And Builds Your Legacy

Without the guess work, second guessing, trail and error or having to restart cause you went down the wrong path!

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Discover the finer distinctions about your reason for being on the planet that will give so much clarity and CHANGE EVERYTHING for you.


Finally feel confident you're on the right path, doing the right thing, so you have the courage to move forward and make your mark on the world.


Learn what problem you're here to solve in the world in your authentic unique way, so you know without doubt the best way for you to make a bigger contribution.


Gain a greater connection to your Soul and its' Mission Template for your best life as a Changemaker & Unstoppable Force For Good in the world.

If You're Tired Of Playing Small In The World AND It's Time For You To Step Up And Play A Much Bigger Game, Use Your Talents & Skills To Give More Back In A Meaningful Way Then Join Us In

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The RMRM self discovery processes have really opened up my Soul Purpose and shown me how to build a leveraged business and take my message to a global audience.  Using Nicola’s formula to communicate my message is truely outstanding. Every time I speak my message at networking events I end up with new clients. I’ve managed to get my coaching business off the ground in a reality short time frame. I would never be where I am right now, without RMRM. It would have taken me 2 or 3 years to get here. There are so many courses where people leave you. Nicola’s format really hand holds you through the whole thing in authentic and genuine way."

Steven Levy, Business Owner

“Right Mission Right Money has allowed me to create a double six figure platform for a new business that allows me to transition out of my high paying job with confidence. I like how I have a great business model to be able to make a difference in the world and forward my humanitarian projects."

Vanessa Saunders, Corporate Changemaker

“My business sales have increased over 200%, as well as getting more customer referrals and enquires. I am truly seeing the benefits of this intensive program. I look forward to watching my business grow. I highly recommend Nicola Grace, as her amazing readings and incredible programs are all designed to move you toward successfully growing your own thriving business."

Katea Pullen, Product Developer Transition Codes

Nicola  Grace, The Mission Mentor here.

Now, if you want to generate a sustainable flow of money, doing something you’re passionate about - And you want to be making a big difference in the world, finally figure out what offers to sell to the right niche you’ll prosper in - have your message resonate with prospective clients/customers, instead of struggling to get clarity on all the “how do I’s” on your own...

Then this proven, step-by-step Soul Searching, Self Discovery & Business Training program will END the uncertainty and underwhelming results. In as little as 6 weeks you could  turn your business around creating magnetic alignment that helps you build momentum in your business, or business start up.

(Even if you’re an established business owner, don’t have a clue what that next big Higher Purpose is, or you’re new to building a business in alignment with your purpose)

If you’re serious about increasing your impact, revenue and profit and creating a sustainable business model that leverages you and leaves a legacy, then the next few minutes will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

But First Let's Address
The Elephant In The Room

You’ve got so much to offer, and you’re trying t figure out how to make a big difference, but you can’t seem to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what will give you Confidence in your DIRECTION and MOMENTUM, so you’re not having the IMPACT - or success - you crave.

You’ve gone in search of answers in free webinars, some online courses and maybe even some coaching to help you build your business, but something is still missing, and you're still not getting the clarity, instead you’re getting underwhelming results following everyone else blueprints, and steps and formulas. Now you may even be a little scared to try something else incase it ends up being like everything else. You may have even been burned before and you don't want that to happen again.

You don’t want to waste your time and energy doing the wrong thing. You want to get it right this time, and since you’re scared you’ll mess it up, you're stuck and sales might even be stagnating or not growing at the pace you’d like. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just don’t seem to be getting the big breakthrough.

It’s time to face up to the fact that there’s a cost for NOT dealing with your right purpose alignment and right monetisation model.


Today’s global consumers are smart...savvy...and increasingly feel nervous about trusting companies, entrepreneurs, coaches when it comes to buying from them.

They also want to feel good about their purpose and know that they’re contributing to a greater good from buying from you. They have more choice than ever when it comes to buying products and services.

So they’ve become increasingly more discerning with where they spend their money. And they’re looking for congruity, authenticity and connection to a higher purpose when they buy, more and more.

This means you can't use current business models and hope to succeed. A Mission Driven Business needs a completely different business model.

If you continue to build your business following traditional Business 1.0 models that attempt to squeeze your purpose into an old business framework, you’ll continue to struggle to bring enough of the RIGHT people into your business and therefore grow your sales, grow your business, grow your impact.

You’ll find it harder and harder to keep up, and the business you’re really wanting to take off will suffer the same failure rate as 90% of business start-ups.. And now you’re dreams of making that difference, being passionately engaged in what you’re doing, while being abundantly financially rewarded just got kicked out another 5 years, even a decade.

And I don’t think that’s the outcome you want right?

When I say I feel your pain...I really do. I landed in Bankruptcy following a Business 1.0 model, struggled for years to get my big breakthrough.


Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor here. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for 30 years, and been marketing various products and services online for 20 years, starting back when Netscape was the browser and Google didn’t exist.

I’ve been on purpose loving what I was doing but flat out broke. And I’ve made a lot of money doing something I wasn’t passionate about, so I was miserable and actually ended up getting cancer - TWICE!

But over time as the world changed, consciousness was raised and the values of the global market began to change the way business was done... I woke up to my own Mojo Lane - My authentic, congruent pathway aligned to my purpose, and aligned to my path to financial abundance - not anyone elses.

I was on my path, doing ok, but not getting the results or making the impact I knew I was capable of. Then things turned pear shaped and there was 3 weeks from hell where I didn’t have enough money to pay my rent. Week after week after week.

I had to move out of my place, go live with friends and pull my business out of the doldrums to get myself back on my feet again.

I was highly frustrated and felt like the entire word was against me. Something had to change.

Now I felt like I was on purpose at this stage, and the one on on clients I was doing purpose discovery work were getting amazing results. So why wasn’t I?

When the penny finally dropped, I realized that I was out of alignment to the next part of my purpose journey and I wasn’t stepping up to that next bit. I has several pieces of the purpose puzzle missing in my business and so it was putting along on 1 cylinder instead of fired up on all 6.

So I realigned, and redesigned my monetisation model so I was stepping up and doing what I was supposed to be doing.


I Finally Found The Key - Not Just For Me, But To This Whole Profitable Purpose Aligned Business Puzzle

You see I discovered that you can’t follow someone else path at the expense of your own unique purpose path. Neither can you try to fit your purposeful business activities into a traditional Business 1.0 monetisation model.

It just won’t work.

So when I started following my own authentic pathway that was mapped out for me on what I call your Soul’s Mission Blueprint, everything turned around, and it turnaround FAST.

I wasWas invited to be on the cover of a book with Deepak Chopra within 4 hours of making the adjustments in my business plan. I became a 3 time best selling author in under 6 months.

Broke six figures in 10 months and now am at double six figures about to topple over the 7 figure mark. I’ve helped thousands of social entrepreneurs, coaches, workshop facilitators, small business owners, healers, social innovators, solopreneurs, from around the globe and from all sorts of cultures clarify and monetise their missions to create a better world.

I’m live in a tropical paradise, drive my favourite car, travel the world, and live a great lifestyle overlooking one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

I’m doing EXACTLY what i’m here to do and being richly rewarded for that.

I’ve never looked back since.

So I started screaming from the roof tops...

"I’ve found the Key!"

And People LOVED IT - They really RESONATED!

Not because I was excited, but because it got the same fast results for business owners and corporate executives starting up or growing all kinds of social businesses that got up and running and making a big a difference.

Ben Gioia

Amazing, enlightening and clarifying. I know that I’m on this earth for a mission to really make a massive impact on humanity. In my work with Nicola she just bought me to the true clarification and to my true mission. I know really why I’m here now. I have an amazing mission and vision that I can now articulate really clearly articulate, and I can truely monetise so I can help as many people. I’ve gone on to publish my second book, and am about to speak at an Ivy League University to 126 people! Many thanks for being an inspiration in my life.”

Ben Gioia, Influence With A Heart
Naina Rama

”Right Mission Right Money change my life. I was lost searching for my life purpose and tried many many life purpose courses that left me more confused. None were as specific as RMRM. The most specific information I could ever get hold of in relationship to my life purpose and how I am meant to serve on this planet.

I had chronic fatigue for several years and spent my time in bed most days. I tried everything to get myself better… and nothing really helped long term. After RMRM I sprung out of bed and felt energized. I could not believe it!!! All it took was for me to connect with my life purpose, to connect with my light within.

A year on from the course I'm still growing my business, I'm an author and I'm constantly having people approach me wanting to be my client. The attractor factor my purpose alignment has given me means I'm not working so hard to find clients.”

Naina Rama, Corporate Lawyer Turned Life Direction Consultant
Dean Rawlings

“I dealt with money issues and I have a lot more work coming in. I had my busiest month ever last month doing what I love. Now I’m booked several weeks in advance. I had much more energy after the course than I went in with. There has definitely been a shift in the lack which is great. I faced my issues without getting swamped by them. And shifted the blocks. Now I’m in Right Action, opportunities are opening up for me to travel with my work and take it to the next level. I’ve attracted all sorts of people to help promote me and take my teaching and healing wot the next level. It’s just been amazing.”

Dean Rawlings, Global Healer, Workshop Facilitator
Belinda Noakes

“Before doing Right Mission Right Money I had no money, no clarity on how to talk about what I do, and I had a complete crisis of confidence. Now I feel clear about what my purpose is, how to get there and how to articulate it. I’m clear on my message and niche. Plus I’m now experiencing flow. Getting clear on who my niche market is has given me focus and a focused plan of action for developing my business which has now given me the confidence to more forward. People are totally responding to the new message and i have new clients already before I’ve even finished the program. With Nicola’s commitment to helping me get results fast, I’ve made more progress the 6 weeks of the program than I have in the the previous six months. If you’re ready to get results you need to work with Nicola this would be a good fit.“

Belinda Noakes, The Courage Mentor

The current approach to Moneti$e your purpose in a business structure, is INCOMPLETE! 

It IGNORES some FUNDAMENTAL things about your purpose that can grow your business fast

Industry Standard Approach: "Attempt to figure out what you want to do and apply a cookie cutter approach to monetising and building your client and customer base - ie: follow my blueprint."

But that means nitty gritty details about your purpose are ignored, what niche you’re here to serve and prosper in is also ignored, and what the precise message to that niche is - also ignored, along with so many other details.

Therefore you end up competing in someone else's lane instead of being in your unique Mojo Lane - The lane best for you to be in to make the biggest difference, have not competition and prosper and thrive in.

You’re not taking important information about your Mission Blueprint into account, and only focusing on the top level of your purpose - i.e. you want a business in this industry, or you want to coach, help people, make a difference, raise the consciousness of the planet.

There’s no thought given to either the nitty gritty details about what you’re here to do and how, nor the mindset you need to be able to make more money by making a bigger difference, because money and purpose aren’t natural travelling companions.

It’s like so many coaches and teachers professing to be teaching about building a purposeful and passionate business, just force everyone through the same monetise path they took to success, whether it actually suites their clients and customers or not.

Promise Me This Will You? 

No More Cookie Cutter!

Find You’re Own Mojo Lane & Play Your Own Game.

You Can Only Succeed
That Way.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be like anyone else, do what every one else is doing. I want to march to the beat of my own drum so I feel authentic, congruent wiht my Soul and I liked myself when I go to bed at night!

I suspect you probably feel the same way.

Besides, consumers are now craving authenticity and congruity. They’re sick of being sold to by flashy sales men and woman. They want connection and a sense of purpose to what they’re investing their time and money in.

Now, back to that money you’re leaving on the table…

For you to actually make a profit in a business that is aligned to your higher purpose, you need the right information about the finer distinctions in your Mission Blueprint and a monetisation model that aligns to that purpose.

Now you’ve found your unique Mojo Lane and you’ll be able to build your business that much faster if you also follow up with getting the money and purpose concepts married in your brain.

After finally finding my own Mojo Lane, and helping thousands of entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners and corporate executives find and prosper in their Mojo Lane, here’s what I discovered:

The three key components to building a Purpose Aligned Business that makes an impact, makes a profit and leave a legacy.

These three components work synergistically together to create rapid turn around if you’re stuck and stagnating; give you greater clarity if you’re a little directionless; and rapid growth and scaling of an existing business if you’re struggling to breakthrough the next financial glass ceiling.

Instead of trying to follow a cookie cutter approach to building a purpose aligned business wishing and hoping hard work, long hours and time will reward you with the money you want to make….

You used a “Soul Aligned Approach” that navigates you to your successful unique path, and unleashes the greatest manifestation power you have - Soul Magnetism?

What IF you joined the Massive Social Business Grass Roots Movement that is changing our world with businesses built on ethical values and a genuine desire to help people - help raise the consciousness and vibration on the planet - with your unique contribution of skills, talents, gifts, products, programs and services you’re passionate about delivering?

What IF you joined the Massive Social Business Grass Roots Movement that is changing our world with businesses built on ethical values and a genuine desire to help people - help raise the consciousness and vibration on the planet - with your unique contribution of skills, talents, gifts, products, programs and services you’re passionate about delivering?

What if you found a way to Self Discover your Unique Mojo Lane to that success defined in your own terms; a life style business that suites your style and makes money whether you work, sleep or play?

Even better, IF…

You had a monetisation model that allows for your uniqueness; allows for maximum leverage so you’re not working so hard, or spending so much money to get new clients and customers through the door?


You could ALSO learn how to get yourself out of the way, and now beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can make big money by making a bigger difference living 100% aligned to your Higher Purpose?

And become one of the many unstoppable global change makers transforming our world, making it a better place for everyone, and the creatures under our care?

Well here it is… A formula that helps you Self Discovery your Unique Mojo Lane as you align more fuller to important aspects of your business to get fast turnaround, rapid growth, and passionate engagement in the day to day of your business life.

Right Mission Right Money is a ground-breaking, proven approach to building a highly leveraged profitable business aligned to your purpose and life’s mission.

It’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business start-ups generate rapid turn around in their businesses, who are making great ripples and waves of transformation across the planet.

A 6-week program that delivers everything you need to discover about the finder distinctions and details about your contribution and purpose, plus how to monetise that, step-by-step, to create an impact making more money by making a bigger difference.

The EXACT steps you need to take - then how to implement them…AND where to implement them to build magnetism in your business so people, events, opportunities are attracted to you to help you rapidly grow your business.

You're focusing on the right thing, so that means you'll pick up momentum and speed.

You're also going to learn HOW TO build a 6 and 7 figure business while lowering your customer acquisition cost, reducing the number of hours you deliver services and increase your triple bottom line - Purpose - Planet - Prosperity.

No more endless guessing...


or time rapidly passing you by, money being left on the table, people struggling waiting for you to help them, as you try to figure it out for yourself, hoping you stumble over the ONE THING that’ll finally work and give you that deep sense of fulfilment.


Because there are several things you need to do to make it finally work for you.

You’ll learn all those nitty gritty details here.

Here's What You'll Discover & Implement To Build A Highly Leveraged, Profitable, Purpose Aligned Business

In this video I walk you through everything you're going to discover and work on in your business or business idea, plus how the offer is delivered.

  • Clarify Your Expansion Method

    Training: In this profoundly deep Soul Searching module, you’ll go through a couple of processes to remove current social programming preventing you recognizing your Unique Path; and connect more to your Soul’s intuitive guidance so you can have confidence you’re on the right track.

    Discovery: You’ll walk through my Proven DNA of Self Discovery “fill in the blanks” process to dive deep into your subconscious mind to find your top 5-8+ Primary Expression Modalities, so you have crystal clear direction on what to focus on in your business and your marketing and how to have the Passionate Purpose Factor operating in your day to day activities; plus you’ll learn your top resonance value words that when you use them in your marketing they will cause your prospects to connect and resonate with your message.

    Mission Fulfilment: You’ll work through my implementation strategy action guide to make your marketing more magnetic; re-focus your business activities where the expansion is; and infuse some Soul Magnetism into your Social Media, your website and other web assets. (If you’re in Start-Up, you’ll come back to this step after Module 4).

  • Step 2: Locate Your Mission Mojo

    Training: In this Life Defining module it’s time to learn how your current life, what you do, and the ripple effect you make can teach you about your REAL REASON FOR BEING HERE ON THIS PLANET!!! And how that can integrate into your Business to set it up for maximum sales in this new Purpose Focused, Social and Environmentally Conscious consumer market.

    Discovery: You’ll dive deep into my “Take A Leaf Out Of The Book Of Nature” to discover nitty gritty details about your purpose and mission; your Life’s Big Mission; your Higher Purpose; The Niche You’re Here To Serve; The Message/s You’re Here To Deliver; The Focal Point For Your Monetization Model; so you can infuse your Magnetic Mission Mojo into your business.

    Mission Fulfilment: In this next implementation strategy action guide you’ll create your purpose and life mission statements, create your new Social Business Aligned mission statement, and systematically go through your marketing assets to make sure you’re communicating your Purpose and Greater Good impact in a way that will encourage prospective clients/customers to want to buy from you.

  • Establish Your Social Business Legacy Model

    Training: This is a Game Changer module where you’re going to learn how to put your monetization model together so it creates Maximum Leverage; Establishes You As An Authority In Your Niche; Creates It’s Own Magnetism.

    Discovery: You’ll be lead through my “Circle The Wagon Strategy” to craft your Mission Aligned Monetisation Model. You’ll determine what are the best first 7 offers to take to market that are in alignment with  your Higher Purpose and Mission; How to structure your “Value Ladder” of offers so you can increase your revenue by 80% and avoid expensive marketing costs.

    Mission Fulfilment: In this implementation strategy action guide I’ll show you how to take what you’ve learned and immediately establish yourself as the authority in this niche; even if you don’t have all your offers created yet.

  • Training: It’s time for the Laser Focused Action module, where we continue building your Mission Aligned Monetisation Model here, only we’ll focus in on how to increase you’re income, without working more hours so you make money whether you work, sleep or play, thus allowing you to take a vacation, write your next book, do cool stuff or re-invest to scale and grow your business.

    Discovery: You’ll focus on which two of your 7 offers you built in the last step, will set you up to bring in consistent, regular, stable cash flow, week after week so “Now Money Now” is taken care of; you’re creating and delivering in a way you’re passionate about; and you’re building the rest of your business model with little marketing dollars.

    Mission Fulfilment: In this implementation strategy action guide you’ll be starting to market your “Now Money Now” income strategies with an aligned marketing model that is also in alignment wiht the fulfillment of your purpose. We’ll put the passion in to marketing yourself (even if you hate self-promotion).

  • Remove Resistance

    Training: In this Highly Transformational and Life Changing module it’s time to marry Mission, Money & Magnetism so you can become an unstoppable force for the good in the world. I’m going to show you exactly how split brain hemisphere syndrome is present in all of us and how to heal it, plus how to recognise the many faces resistance is, and what to do so resistance no longer holds you back.

    Discovery: You’re going to learn what your actual personal resistance profile is, and what to do specifically when it rears it’s head. You’ll go through a guided process to start to integrate the concepts of doing what you love, being on purpose and being richly rewarded for doing so, healing that Split-Brain Hemisphere Syndrome

    Mission Fulfilment: Then you’ll learn how to fish for and dissolve limiting belief matrices, ancestoral inherited limitation and collective consciousness beliefs that have been holding you back, so you can get into right action, create some momentum in the growth of your business and really let the Mission Mojo Magnetism draw to you resources to quickly bring you to the business goals you have.

  • Training: You’ll learn the 7 Challenges that entrepreneurs face as they build momentum in their purpose aligned business and what 7 solutions will help you either avoid these challenges, or deal with them with grace and ease if they happen to be part of your purpose to experience. Forewarned and trained is forearmed.

    You’ll also learn the key components of building a successful business that making a profit, now you’re on the road to implementing your mission driven business.

    Mission Fulfilment: In this implementation strategy action guide you’ll build your Over Come Challenges”Circle The Wagon Strategy” and set your self up with every advantage to succeed.

In theory yes.


But in practice - How’s that worked out for you so far?

Know this:

I literally spent tens of thousands of dollars and many years developing and testing this formula, implementing it into my own business, and helping people implement it in their’s.

It fast tracks you. Many of my graduates say afterward -

“I would never be where I am right now, without RMRM. It would have taken me 2 or 3 years to get here.”

So what’s each year the goes by, still not on track, really worth to you?

You’ll spend hundreds of hours. Make costly mistakes, just like I did, and many of my participants before they came to me.

...And maybe STILL not get it right. Ever.

Right Mission Right Money is NOT random tactics and a bunch of air fairy fluffy concpets. It’s a proven formula where you’ll discover, create and implement the major components of a successful highly leveraged and profitable business aligned to your purpose and mission. A business that makes you money whether you work sleep or play, and build your legacy.

This isn’t just about giving you shiny new content.

It’s about guiding you step-by-step through the process of building your business and growing it using the magnetic power of your Soul, your Mission Blueprint, and powerful business principles that align to our Undefeatable Laws of Nature.

"Discovering my precise mission and niche has made a profound impact in my business.  For a long time I felt stuck.  I knew I was headed in the right direction, but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t having the success that I desired.  Working with Nicola and going through her Missions Blueprint process revealed the missing link for me.
I identified my primary expression modalities and realized that I wasn’t using two of them at all in my business. I immediately implemented these modalities and within 3 weeks I had a complete shift in my business.  I got noticed by a top executive at Google as well as top Google influencers, I doubled my following online and I was approached by influencers in my niche to work with them. Nicola’s process is unlike any I’ve ever done before (and I’ve being in the business of personal growth for almost 20 years). I can’t say enough about the work Nicola does. It’s a no brainer to work with her and it’s well well worth the investment."

Lisa Engles, Inner State Coaching

"Right Mission Right Money changed my life. I was lost searching for my life purpose and had tried many many life purpose courses. None were as specific as RMRM. I also hired a very expensive corporate executive coach to tell me what I was meant to do and what work I was aligned to do. But none helped as they were not specific enough and each left me confused.
The RMRM process tells you exactly not just what your life purpose is but also your target audience, niche market and most important exactly what your message is in exact words. I found it invaluable for this reason alone, the most specific information I could ever get hold of in relation to my life purpose and how I am meant to serve on this planet…...After RMRM I sprung out of bed and felt energized. I could not believe it!!! All it took was for me to connect with my life purpose, to connect with my light within.”

Naina Rama, Life Direction Consultant

"Nicola’s process helped me get focused on the direction best for me for my next business. Her step by step process allowed me to tick all the boxes, leaving nothing out, so I could get everything together to make a bigger impact. While it confirmed a few things for me, but it also gave me a lot more details to how to put my profitable business model together. Now I’m on the straight freeway rather than the windy road. I have the information I need to create the end result so I can transition out of my current role."

Trevor Thompson, Serial Entrepreneur & Corporate Trainer

So the question I'm putting in front of you today is....

Are you finally sick and tired of not knowing exactly what you’re here to do; feast or famine inconsistent income; struggling to get enough of the right clients/customers; getting stuck in in-action because you don’t know what’s going to work for you - and you don’t want to keep going around in circles trying stuff only to be underwhelmed, wondering what’s the secret formula to getting the results you’re craving?

Now, it’s over to you.

You can continue doing what you have been - or worse, do nothing at all (you already know what that gets clarity of direction, wrong action, or no action, no business...and no revenue therefore no freedom).

But I don’t think that’s really what you want.

If you want to get a new result, you need to take a new action. So…

Join Right Mission Right Money today!

Get trained in all the aspects you need to to get a sustainable successful purpose aligned business growing your income, and making that difference.

Select the option below that best suits where you’re at right now so you can get started with Right Mission Right Money today, and stop wrestling with a lack of clarity, direction and disconnection from your greater purpose. Stop working towards a monetization model that won't bring you the cash flow like a waterfall.

All payments are processed securely on our SSL encrypted site. If you have any questions, contact support here.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to get results. I want to support you in making a commitment to your buying decision here, so you actually do the work to get the results. So this is a specific guarantee to help you follow through with your commitment.

I'm confidence that if you go through the first 3 modules, implement everything you discover, that you'll start to get that alignment to your purpose. So if after implementing you're not happy that the training is delivering everything it said it would, I'll give back every penny you invest here. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. Purchase now and see it for yourself.

To Be Crystal Clear About Some Of Biggest Benefits Of Completing Right Mission Right Money Training

  • 1

    Be Crystal Clear On Your Purpose & Business Direction

    You'll know you're 5-8 Primary Expressions Modalities that will help you with what to focus on in your business, offerings, monetization and marketing to get the results you're looking for.

  • 2

    Nail The Niche That You'll Prosper In

    You'll know who exactly you've come here to serve and prosper with, and who you need to focus selling your products and services to.

  • 3

    Clarify Your Right Message To The Right Niche

    You'll know your core message you came here to deliver to the niche you came her to work with, so you'll be able to communicate to that niche in a way that they self identify you as the person they need to work with or buy from.

  • 4

    Indentify The Words That Add Magnetism To Your Marketing

    You'll have at least 10 - 20 Soul Resonance words you can add to your marketing, your product offer titles, your copy, your sales pages, email headings and more that create resonance in your prospective ideal clients and customers.

  • 5

    Distinguise Between Your Life Mission Versus Your Business Mission

    You'll learn what the big picture of your working life is, the Greater Good of your ripple effect, and how to integrate our life's mission into your business mission, and communicate that so prospective clients/customers trust you, like you, and feel good about buying from you.

  • 6

    Maximize Your Earning Potential To Break 6 Then 7 Figures

    You'll have 7 congruent, aligned offers that communicate you as a leading authority in your field, even if you're still building that authority. You have a model that will bring you multiple-streams of passive income, impact more people and make you more money that also makes more profit.

  • 7

    Create Cash Flow Like A Waterfall

    You'll know where to focus to start building your empire, how to get out of the gate fast, where to focus your social media marketing so it aligns with your purpose, and you can make money whether you work sleep or play.

  • 8

    Become An Unstoppable Force For Good In The World

    You'll have tools and techniques you can use for the rest of your life to remove blocks, limiting beliefs, programming, collective consciousness limitation, so you no longer hold yourself back from living that dream and reaching your goals.

Everything you need to get started is available
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“I’ve been on a pretty intensive self growth journey, taken many courses, but never could get clear on my purpose so that everything else would fall into place. I use to have a business promoting events with visionary leaders including Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. They were successful on many levels but I didn’t have all of the pieces to build financial sustainability. Right Mission Right Money gave me all those pieces. I now have great clarity on my purpose and my mission and clear direction to move forward. The course has also helped me tie all the different pieces of life together. I highly recommend you become part of her global taskforce of changemakers like me. Nicola is a master at helping people discover the universal creative genius within and integrating that with practical and proven business strategies to create a winning blueprint for the social entrepreneur.”  

Nikki Clifton, Social Entrepreneur

“Once I got into the course, I loved, loved, loved it. I loved Nicola’s speaking style. It’s friendly, open and fun. With my NLP background, the unconscious mind is one of my pet interests, so I loved how the processes get you to delve into the unconscious mind, uncovering clues to how I’ve been holding myself back. It’s so important, in moving forward to expose the learnings from past experiences and maximize them. This course is helping me do this. I’m excited about my future and what it holds. Mission Blueprint began to give me clarity within the first half of the very first module. This is great value and a great investment in yourself. Nicola is fun and relaxed makes me feel at ease and cared for. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has been struggling with their purpose and meaning in life. It’s a decision you will be glad you made.”

Jacleen Allen, Energy Healer/Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will This Work For Me If I Don't Have A Business Idea Yet? +

Because this training starts with getting you clear on your purpose, primary expressions and life mission, you'll actually have a greater clarity on what business idea you should follow that will lead to your joy and success.

Will This Work Even Though I'm Not Good With Online Courses? +

Like anything in life, rewards happen when you take action. You'll be receiving messages from me, and reminders from the Academy if you don't finish each module, until you do complete it. You also have some clearing sessions that will begin to clear away those blocks. But you still have to put effort it. You're going to need some discipline to open your emails from me and the Academy, as well as log in to do the work. Since this is a business building course, it's not actually any different from having the discipline to turn up to your business every day and do what you need to make it grow. So you need to make a decision to get disciplined otherwise you'll never succeed in business, and you might be better off getting a job.

How Do I Know This Is Going To Work For Me When Other Courses Haven't?

I’ve been in the same boat. And so have many of my participants who find their way to me. I spent hundreds of dollars on a course only to end up with some fluffy statement that didn’t really help me decide what to do or what direction to go in.

My course is different!

Firstly, you can’t get anything wrong because the self discovery work you'll be doing is all about you - you can’t get you wrong.

Also after working with thousands of people from all over the world and many cultures, I’ve taken the common and not so common issues they face and covered them in the course material so they get precise, clear and practical steps forward as well as those nice fluffy life purpose statements.

I’ve designed this course so that each step uncovers another layer and yet another layer of your Mission Blueprint, so if we miss a piece of the puzzle in the first step, it gets found by the end of the fourth step. This is where my course is different from others.

There isn’t one process that will suddenly reveal everything to everyone. Everyone’s memory, connection to self and ability to access their Soul connection will vary. Hence more than just one module. I’m results orientated. So everything is designed for you to get those results.

So many people have said that this course put all the pieces together when others made them confused. So I’m very confident you’ll get the outcome you need.

I'm Doing Another Course Right Now, Should I Wait To Finish That One? +

This training is fundamental and foundational to what you need to be doing in the world and how to make money so you're not just make a difference, you have a stable business that will succeed. If you don't have that alignment, then everything else you do may or may not work, so you could be wasting your time. Doing this course first, or side by side, will actually make the other courses you do, reap better return on your investment.

My Internet Service Is Slow Can I Still Do This? +

You need broadband internet access or high speed wireless/satellite to be able to watch the videos and attend the calls online.The manuals and mentoring can all be downloaded but there are videos that will be streamed over the internet. In the past, previous participants have gone to a family members home, the library or an internet shared office space to attend the calls and sometimes watch the videos.

How Can I Do This When I Don't Have The Money? +

I have three things to say about that because many people are experiencing the “not enough money” syndrome right now.

Firstly, I see this all the time, heck I’ve even done it myself. People say they can’t afford something to one person, and then turn around and buy a $300 item of clothing, a new lounge suite, or take a holiday. Here’s what I also see a lot and have experienced myself more than once.

The opportunity to take a quantum leap in life presents itself, you don’t take it because you don’t have enough money, so you put it off till later. Then your car breaks down and the cost of the repairs is around the same as the investment you didn’t make in your self and the betterment of your future. Our subconscious mind and Creative Universe is listening to our every word, thought and deed and responding accordingly.

Secondly, you are where you are today financially as a result of what you are thinking, saying and doing. To change that, you need to change what you’re thinking, what you’re doing, what you’re saying and at some stage you’re going to have to take the leap of faith to get you moving forward. Finances don’t get better because of time. They get better because you do something different. That is just the way it is. It’s what I had to do, it’s what other people I know living a life of purpose AND prosperity have had to do. Again it comes down to priorities.

What’s important to you really? How much do you want to know and do what it is you came here to do? How much is that level of fulfillment and purpose worth to you? Or put it this way – How much money are you currently loosing or NOT EARNING because you’re not in the niche that will make you riche? or your not set up on Right Mission to make the Right Money? The investment in this program is probably not the figure you came up with. You decide what’s important to you.

My mum taught me something that has stood me well in life – she said, “Where there is a will there is a way”. We can all ask of the Creative Universe to help us find a way to afford something when we really have the will to take that leap.